Friday, August 30, 2013

Shuttle Cocks

Made these back in June (I know....slacker for posting).  We were having an adult game night which included the game Cards Against Humanity (GREAT game!  If you like apples to apples and are not politically correct, then you will love this game).  The play on words with these made them appropriately inappropriate for the evening.

These are from the What's New, Cupcake? book.

They are made of a large cupcake with small cupcake on top.  The feathers are made of white chocolate piped out onto wax paper, and topped with a red gumdrop. 
 Yes, they are a cupcake (sort of).

Monday, May 13, 2013


I made these pansies using tip 104 and following the wilton pansy method (with minor variation).  I painted on the black using gel color straight from the container and a tiny artists brush.

I was exhausted after 150 of these!

Yes, it is a cupcake!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Walrus Cupcakes

A new year, and a new cupcake to make!  With my fiance's birthday only days away, I took this opportunity to make the Walrus cupcakes from What's New, Cupcake!

The tusks are cut marshmallows with frosting with nonpareils for the snout.  The nose is a mini M&M, eyes are nonpareils, arms and tails are chocolate wafer cookies.

Yes, it is a cupcake!

Monday, August 13, 2012

French Fries Cupcakes

Some of my favorite cupcakes to make are ones that resemble food.  After ordering a zig zag knife from Amazon, I made these french fries cupcakes from the Hello, Cupcake book.
 The french fries are pound cake that has been cut with the zig zag knife, and then put under the broiler to give them a crispy appearance.

And what would french fries be without some "ketchup"....Just some red frosting in a squirt bottle. 

Yes, it is a cupcake!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Cupcake Bouquet

As a birthday gift, I thought I would try another rendition of a cupcake bouquet.  (excuse the puzzle mess in the background).

It included pink carnations (made with a rose tip), sun flowers (made with a star tip and leaf tip), green flowers (made with grass tip), purple flower (made with rose tip) and roses made with a large star tip.

I used a 6" pot with 6" styrofoam ball.  This arrangement has 14 cupcakes, but could have accommodated a few more.

Yes, it is a cupcake!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beaver Cupcakes!

I've been drowning in school-work and other life activities as of late.  But today, in lieu of studying for my  exam, I decided to make these beaver cupcakes (lol) from the Hello, Cupcake Newsletter.
The tails are a Belgian wafer cookie covered in chocolate.  Ears and paws are tootsie rolls which have been rolled out, nose is a black jelly bean, eyes are mini M&Ms with a dab of white frosting for eye sparkle, teeth are white after dinner mints cut in half.  They were frosted with a mini cupcake/brownie bite on top.  The fur text was made using the tines of a fork.

Yes, it is a cupcake!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


My class is holding a "thank you" party for the head of our department tomorrow, so naturally I volunteered to make cupcakes. I was inspired by several posts on the hello, cupcake group on facebook.  I made these hydrangea cupcakes (my favorite flower), using the 2D tip (a big open star).  I then used top 352 to make some green leaves on them.

Some of them I baked in silicone cupcake holders that looked like flower pots that I got as a gift last year.

I even arranged one to look like a bouquet in a pot.  The pot has a round Styrofoam ball in it.  I attached the cupcakes using round, sharp edged toothpicks (2-4 per cupcake depending on location).  I filled in the gaps with green tissue paper.  My boyfriend was surprised that it was cupcakes, and he thought they were real flowers at first!

Yes, it is a cupcake!

Monday, April 9, 2012


I was able to make my first creation from Cupcakes, Cookies, and Pie, Oh My! I made the sheep because they looked pretty straight forward.  However, I have to say they were a little more tricky that I was anticipating.

The body is pound cake, head is a milano cookie dipped in black frosting, ears are jelly beans, eyes are mini chocolate chips on a dot of frosting.  Feet have been dipped in the black frosting.  Lastly, they were covered in marshmallows.  The black sheep had his marshmallows covered in cocoa powder.

The black frosting didn't seem to set up well at all (even after freezing).  I think I put too much coloring into it, and that could have been why.  However, next time I may try a candy coating instead.  The "black" sheep was the most frustrating.  Even after shaking off excess cocoa powder off the marshmallows, they still had a hard time sticking.  Then everything (cocoa powder, black frosting) kept touching everything else and making it look messy.

Here is a fun link to a video of how they are made:

Next time, I may try a cupcake version instead.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Spaghetti & Meatballs

These cupcakes were made for a Bake Sale fundraiser to send some of my classmates to a conference.  I was in love with the spaghetti and meatball cupcakes from the start, and when I found the ferrero rocher candies on clearance, I jumped at the opportunity to make these from the Hello, Cupcake! book.

The "pasta" is frosting piped out with a #3 tip, the "sauce" is strawberry preserves, the "meatball" is a ferrero rocher candy, and the "parmigiana cheese" is grated white chocolate. 

I hope these are a hit at the bake sale!  Yes, it is a cupcake!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Zebra Cake Cupcakes

I was inspired by a Zebra Cake idea that I found on pintrest (my new addiction), and wondered if this was possible with cupcakes.  At first, I followed the directions for the cake, only reduced to cupcake size.  These were not a success, as you got horizontal layers, not vertical layers.  So, after some trial and error I was able to figure out how to get the vertical layers with cupcakes!

The top of this picture is adding it layer by layer as you would per the cake directions.  The bottom is the result with my solution to get the desired effect (see the recipes and instructions page).

When baked in white papers, you can see the stripes through the paper.

And here is the end result!

Yes, it is a cupcake.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ham Sandwiches

FINALLY...A new cupcake to post!  While on my winter break, I had the opportunity to get back to making a cupcake.  These were made for a VERY....SPECIAL....individual's birthday, I made these ham sandwich cupcakes inspired by What's New Cupcake faux foot long cupcakes.

After searching 8 places for a plain donut stick, I broke down and made the bread out of pound cake with sesame seeds on top.  The ham and cheese are made from starburst, the tomato is a cherry fruit slice, the onions are gum drops which were rolled out and cut out with concentric round cookie cutters.  The lettuce is frosted flakes dipped in melted frosting.

Yes, it is a cupcake!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Acorn Cupcakes

A classmate of mine is getting hitched this weekend, so another classmate and myself pooled our resources (and time) to make these Fall themed cupcakes with acorns on top.  Of course, these were inspired by the Hello, Cupcake series of books.

The acorn is made from a Hershey kiss and mini Nilla Wafer.  The leaves were made from Starburst which were heated, rolled, cut with scissors, and a butter knife was used to simulate veins.  They were garnished with some gold sprinkles.

These were very simple and didn't take much time at all!  And can I just say how awesome it was to make cupcakes again?  Makes me feel human again!!

Monday, August 22, 2011


The best combination since pb & chocolate?  Oh yes, it is the high heel shoe made from a cupcake!  This were really fun to make after watching the clip from Hello Cupcake's segment on the Today Show.  

The base is a cupcake (obviously).  The sole is a grahm cracker coated in chocolate.  The heel is made of a pirouette cookie dipped in chocolate.  They were decorated with frosting and decorating sugar.  I would have liked to make a label for the inside of the shoe, or paint the sole red like Christian Louboutin shoes.  These could get really fun!

I would do a few things differently next time (mostly in regard to the construction of the heel to the sole as they didn't travel well).  Most likely will try to use royal icing, since it hardens and holds better. 

However, these are supposed to be featured in the next Hello Cupcake book entitled Cupcakes, Cookies, and Pie, Oh My! due to release in January 2012.  I look forward to seeing their instructions to see how they differ from my attempt.

Yes, it is a cupcake!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Giant Cupcake

After my last baking experience, I am glad to be home on break and have the tools to do some real baking!  This Giant cupcake was inspired by a post in the Hello, Cupcake! Facebook group.

The giant cupcake mold was purchased at Christmas Tree Shop.  The bottom "liner" is made out of chocolate.  The flowers were piped on with frosting, and I added a butterfly I made from leftover chocolate.  The ribbon is the only inedible item on the cupcake.  Check for instructions on the recipes and instructions page.

I think these could really be decked out and made into beautiful cakes!  Best of all, it was really rather simple, since the mold did most of the work.  I look forward to doing more cupcakes while I'm on break!

Yes, it is a (giant) cupcake!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Donut Cake

Yes, I know!  It's not a cupcake!  But, it's a pretty sweet cake that looks like donut!

This was my first "Ghetto" baking experience.  After getting the pan from Williams-Sonoma on clearance, I just HAD to make a cake!  But I had practically  no supplies.  I mixed the cake in a pot with a whisk.  When it came time to cool the cat, I took the rack out of the oven to cool it on.  I didn't have any baking ingredients either, so I had to use all store bought items.  Although I didn't have my trusty kitchen aid, I made it work anyways.  

Note to self: bring baking supplies to grad school.

No, it's NOT a cupcake, lol!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Since I had a 3-day weekend off from grad school, I took the opportunity to make some cupcakes.  I was encouraged to make 4th of July cupcakes, since it is, in fact, the 4th of July.  They aren't my favorite, but they are never-the-less festive.

They are made with a regular cupcake on the bottom, and a smaller cupcake on top.  Then red, white, and blue frosting was squiggled on.  The top is some melting wafers which were piped out onto waxed paper.

These cupcakes mark my 25th cupcake addition to this site!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Float Cupcakes

Memorial Day will be spent at E-dock this summer, and what a great opportunity to make these "making waves cupcakes" from What's new cupcake.

The tubes are made from chocolate covered donuts, the bodies and heads from Nilla wafers.  The rest of the items are piped on, or are fruit chews.  I'm hoping that these will be a hit!!

Yes, they are cupcakes!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


A bowling birthday party were the perfect setting for these bowling pin cupcakes from Hello, cupcake.

These were a challenge to stack, as the humidity was making the frosting melt.  Everything was shifting.  But, they were worth the try.

The pins are stacked with a mini cupcake and donut hole.  They were then dipped into frosting.  They are decorated with fruit by the foot that has been cut into strips and triangles.  The balls are simply covered with black sugar, and have three chocolate chips for the finger holes.

Yes, they are a cupcake!

We all scream for Ice cream!

My cousin's first communion required some cupcakes.  The fun idea we choose to go with were ice cream scoop cupcakes from What's new cupcake

They were a little fickle with the humidity and warm weather.  I also attempted to make strawberry ones, but those did not work out as well.

The ice cream is frosting that had been frozen and scooped.  Fudge was chocolate frosting, whipped cream was vanilla frosting, the cherry was made with an air head and piece of licorice.  Sprinkles were also added.

Yes, it is a cupcake!