Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Giant Cupcake

After my last baking experience, I am glad to be home on break and have the tools to do some real baking!  This Giant cupcake was inspired by a post in the Hello, Cupcake! Facebook group.

The giant cupcake mold was purchased at Christmas Tree Shop.  The bottom "liner" is made out of chocolate.  The flowers were piped on with frosting, and I added a butterfly I made from leftover chocolate.  The ribbon is the only inedible item on the cupcake.  Check for instructions on the recipes and instructions page.

I think these could really be decked out and made into beautiful cakes!  Best of all, it was really rather simple, since the mold did most of the work.  I look forward to doing more cupcakes while I'm on break!

Yes, it is a (giant) cupcake!

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