Monday, April 9, 2012


I was able to make my first creation from Cupcakes, Cookies, and Pie, Oh My! I made the sheep because they looked pretty straight forward.  However, I have to say they were a little more tricky that I was anticipating.

The body is pound cake, head is a milano cookie dipped in black frosting, ears are jelly beans, eyes are mini chocolate chips on a dot of frosting.  Feet have been dipped in the black frosting.  Lastly, they were covered in marshmallows.  The black sheep had his marshmallows covered in cocoa powder.

The black frosting didn't seem to set up well at all (even after freezing).  I think I put too much coloring into it, and that could have been why.  However, next time I may try a candy coating instead.  The "black" sheep was the most frustrating.  Even after shaking off excess cocoa powder off the marshmallows, they still had a hard time sticking.  Then everything (cocoa powder, black frosting) kept touching everything else and making it look messy.

Here is a fun link to a video of how they are made:

Next time, I may try a cupcake version instead.

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