Tuesday, May 8, 2012


My class is holding a "thank you" party for the head of our department tomorrow, so naturally I volunteered to make cupcakes. I was inspired by several posts on the hello, cupcake group on facebook.  I made these hydrangea cupcakes (my favorite flower), using the 2D tip (a big open star).  I then used top 352 to make some green leaves on them.

Some of them I baked in silicone cupcake holders that looked like flower pots that I got as a gift last year.

I even arranged one to look like a bouquet in a pot.  The pot has a round Styrofoam ball in it.  I attached the cupcakes using round, sharp edged toothpicks (2-4 per cupcake depending on location).  I filled in the gaps with green tissue paper.  My boyfriend was surprised that it was cupcakes, and he thought they were real flowers at first!

Yes, it is a cupcake!

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